Helping Advisors Build Their Businesses
Live Oak Bank’s Investment Advisory team debuted in late 2012. With financing in great demand in the industry, the bank is making significant investments in educating both advisors and home-office executives as
to how best to use financing to support transactions. The Investment Advisory Industry is starting to see significant asset movement, this
is attributed to consolidation, an aging Advisor population and the attractiveness of transitioning to independence. Live Oak can help advisors achieve new levels of growth and, in many cases, help advisory-firm principals realize the liquidity event that will finance
their retirement.

How Advisors are Leveraging $100 Million
39% – Acquisition (acquiring books of business and acquiring external firms)
24% – Succession (internal advisors buying out the Principal)
18% – Refinance & Real Estate (consolidating debt, purchasing or re-financing corporate real estate)
11% – Breakaway & Tuck-In (financing for inorganic growth by recruiting Advisors, or supplying transition capital to Advisors seeking independence)
8% – Working Capital (financing for startup or
expansion expenses, including principal and staff
salaries, office leases, technology, marketing)

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