Selected Independent Funeral Homes and Live Oak Bank are pleased to announce a partnership that allows independent funeral home owners to achieve new levels of growth through financing. Live Oak provides comprehensive financing options with a focus on helping you improve cash flow.

Exclusive Benefits for Selected Members

Why Partner with Live Oak Bank?

*Based on Preferred Partner Agreement with Selected Independent Funeral Homes. Selected members will receive a reduction of costing costs by $10,000. Where the loan application involves a 2nd Live Oak Bank paid referral source, i.e., a referral source who previously connect the Selected member with Live Oak Bank, Live Oak will request that the referral source and the Selected member come to an agreement on sharing the total amount paid by Live Oak Bank. If the Selected member contacts Live Oak prior to engaging the services of a Live Oak referral source (consultant, broker, etc.) all of the $10,000 will accrue to the benefit of the Selected member.